Business Region MidSweden Jämtland Härjedalen Spela Why Jämtland Härjedalen? As a hub in Sweden's middle, with talented inhabitants, high production figures and nature outside the window, Jämtland Härjedalen is the place for your next business establishment. Read more Investment opportunities With a focused business community, good infrastructure and an entrepreneurial spirit open to opportunities, there is great opportunities to take part in the growth that takes place in our region. Read more How can we help? Business Region MidSweden is the first stop when establishing your company. We help with coordination and support. Read more Take part in Jämtland Härjedalen's business region. Read more Jämtland Härjedalen A Business Region on the Move Business Region MidSweden JÄMTLAND HÄRJEDALEN


A business region on the move

It is easy to invest and establish new businesses in the region of Jämtland Härjedalen. We support you in the process with our wide network of contacts, our services and venues for cooperation.


Nov 2018

Interested in becoming an franschise in Jämtland Härjedalen?

Warmly welcome to participate in an information meeting where a large number of brands are presented. Registration for participation is made here: Registration

Jämtland Härjedalen's business region

For an establishment or expansion, one requires solid information for decision making and help with practical matters. In addition to that, it's good to know the market to get the most out of the business opportunities. We would be happy to help through our broad network, our services and arenas for collaboration. With this document, we aim to give you insight into our business region, which we are so proud of, and we will gladly tell you more about how we can make you and your business feel a part of our region. Of course, we would like you to come here and form your own opinion. If you and your company are interested, we can work with you to plan a trip to our region with an exciting program. But we would need to start early in the day as we can guarantee that there´s a lot to get through!