Investor services

Would you like to start a new company or develop your current business in Jämtland Härjedalen, or are you looking for investment opportunities here?

Companies in Jämtland Härjedalen should have the best conditions to succeed. To put ideas into action, several important initiatives have been started with a view to providing support both to those who are about to establish businesses here, and also to all existing companies. An establishment or expansion requires solid information for decision-making and help with practical matters. That’s why we would be happy to help with our broad network, our services and arenas for collaboration. Below is a summary of what we can offer to help with your expansion considerations.


We offer the same basic service – albeit a somewhat different scope – irrespective of whether it is a question of 80 new jobs or just a few new positions. We have a foundation of experience, competence and contact networks in the business offices that deal with company establishment matters. We work on carrying out structured market and business environment monitoring, seeing trends on the market and not least, identifying and interacting with those stakeholders and sectors that are most important to us in Jämtland Härjedalen.

Fredrik Blom Manager
Business Region MidSweden
+46(0)63 – 14 66 34

Lars-Åke Wassö Investment Promotor
Business Region MidSweden
+46(0)70 – 284 26 11

We are here for you and promise strong commitment to your needs

Anna Hansson
Head of business services
Bergs municipality
+46 (0) 687-164 08

Helen Boström
Business development office
Bräcke municipality
+46 (0) 693-161 41

Sören Björklund

Business development officer
Härjedalens municipality
+46 (0) 72-238 72 18

Håkan Åsberg
Business development officer
Krokoms municipality
+46 (0) 640-163 91

Anna-Märta Johansson
Business/rural development officer
Ragunda municipality
+46 (0) 696-68 21 08

Cathrine Sjögren
Business/rural development officer
Strömsunds municipality
+46 (0) 670-169 72

Olof Holmgren
Business development officer
Åre municipality
+46 (0) 647-169 67

Magnus Lindgren
Head of business establishments
Östersunds municipality
+46 (0) 63-14 37 01